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Achieve the Body You Desire

Weight Loss Tips – How To Achieve The Body You Desire

Weight Loss TipsLasting weight loss is often an elusive goal, and is an ongoing undertaking for many people. Losing weight repeatedly only to regain unwanted pounds and inches can lead frustrated dieters to thinking that they should just learn to live with their excess bulk. This does not have to be your reality, as lasting weight loss can happen by following proven tips. An effective regimen may get you looking better than you ever imagined, and feeling good about your improved health and level of discipline as well.

Why quick & dirty weight loss program don’t work!

Healthy weight loss rarely happens quickly, and searching for a magic weight loss pill, beverage, or food will be futile. Even without drastic dietary changes, exercising can lead to impressive results. Your regimen should start with increasing your amount of daily physical activity above all else. In addition, you are likely to improve your cardiovascular health as you burn unwanted calories. Even lifting no more than hand weights twice a week can strengthen your muscles and bones, as well as improve your heart health.

Focusing on improving your health, as opposed to concentrating on weight loss, can have a positive and lasting impact. You can do this by cutting back on your meal portions and adding more water to your daily diet. Once you are drinking more water and not stuffing yourself at each meal, you may find it easier to then work on eliminating unhealthy foods and eating foods that are more nutritious. This approach can keep the focus off of feeling deprived, which often leads to harmful binge eating.

Achieving desired weight is often a matter of changing your thinking and identifying why you overeat. Assessing when you overeat and the emotions or situations that can trigger this behavior can help your  attempt as well. If this type of activity feels overwhelming, joining a support group or weight loss program may be helpful. Keeping a dietary journal, whether you do this on your own or as part of a group, can be extremely beneficial as well.

Set realistic weight loss goals

Setting realistic goals can keep you from feeling frustrated or ultimately giving up trying to lose weight. A goal of losing even one or two pounds a week may not seem like much, but this is an effective strategy even if your goal is ambitious. Small changes over time will lead to greater and lasting weight loss, and your results will last longer using this method.

Weight Loss tips conclusions

Although it may be tempting and seem like a good way to get quick results, skipping meals is actually counterproductive. Depriving yourself may result in temporary weight reduction, but the results will be quickly negated once you have your next meal. Water weight loss is far from lasting, and you are more likely to cause your body to retain fat stores as opposed to shedding your excess fat. True weight loss is not in jeopardy just because you eat a proper meal. The aforementioned weight loss tips may not seem dramatic, but following them can lead to a new and improved you.

Is This Common Weight Loss Problem Happening To You?

Losing Weight

There are plenty of growing trends when it comes to weight loss. One trend in particular does not involve unhealthy fad diets or exercise routines that are strenuous. Conversely, you will find that this particular trend focuses entirely on the lifestyle, rather than just the action. Are you following the old plans, counting all your calories and fat grams but without seeing results when you step on the scale?

Or maybe you are spending way too many hours working out at your gym. Perhaps, like many, you’re exercising at your limit and seeing few results.

Although we all know that fad diets don’t work, the average person looking to lose weight will go on some type of fad diet up to four times per year. The idea that exercising will magically burn fat away is gradually fading, despite the fact exercise is necessary for maintaining your health. Instead, it is important to target your lifestyle and make changes in order to find weight loss success. Those who do this are able to shed their extra weight permanently. Check out fatdiminisherdiet.com or read on to find out how it works:

Eating RightOne: Eating Right. Calories are not cryptic at all. Body weight increases when more food is taken in, than is exhausted through the body. When a healthy lifestyle is followed which includes lean and nutritious food option, there is no necessity for calorie counting. Aim to make the meals smaller, eat fruits and veggies along with getting enough lean proteins along the way. Combine all of this with quality whole grains and it is a diet for success.

2. Choose exercise that is practical. In the vast majority of successful lifestyle weight loss stories, people were able to drop pounds by getting an hour’s worth of walking in every day. That’s all you have to do. There is no need to buy costly gym equipment, join a gym, or exercise until you drop. Consistently moving will give your body the exercise it needs.

3. Strong support systems. If you really want to lose weight, find yourself a team of cheerleaders to help you maintain your positivity. However, on the other side of things, if you surround yourself with individuals that don’t exercise and constantly eat junk food, you are set up to fail.

4. Sleep better. If you don’t get enough sleep, then your body doesn’t produce enough insulin, which helps to regulate your appetite. This means when you don’t rest well, you don’t make the right decisions on what kinds of foods to eat. You get more of the energy you need to stay active and exercise when you’re properly rested, too. Insulin is also a contributor to a healthy metabolism.

5. Document your progress. Journalizing what you do is the best weight loss tool recommended by scientists. You must list what you eat, the exercises you do every day and the results of the effort you put in. This will help you gauge your level of success. As long as you’re keeping records, you’re reminding yourself of your lifestyle goals. You can also see where you’re being challenged. Keeping track of your efforts also makes it easy to zero in on situations that are particularly stressful. Certain times, certain days, or certain social groups may stand out as being special challenges. Still uneasy about keeping a journal of what you eat? Consider that those who keep track at least six days a week are more likely to lose twice as much weight as those who don’t. Allow for your food journal to make you aware of eating habits.

Changing your lifestyle doesn’t only give the benefit of losing weight; it’s also going to improve your life overall, help you live longer and spur dynamic changes that ultimately leads to an increase in happiness and satisfaction with your life. The benefits that you receive are definitely worth all of the hard work that you put in, and you will be able to lose the amount of weight that you want and also keep it off for good. The realistic view on weight loss is that it’s going to take changing your whole lifestyle. No fad diet or exercise plan is going to work without that.

If you need some more tips, then watch the video below. It contains some great was to lose weight and get in shape.

The 3 Week Diet Full Package – Expect The Unexpected

The 3 week diet plan is a unique blend of natural diet, supplementary diets, vitamins and exercise that will help you lose weight in under 3 weeks’ time. It also touches on the issue of motivation and spiritual aspects of keeping you to be on a diet for the entirety of your life. Who doesn’t want to be healthy and fit? The problem with staying healthy and fit is that it requires a lot of time and effort. Not to mention your dedication to stay with a program, and stay on that program to avoid relapses.

3 Week Diet Plan

For a limited time, the entire package will just cost $37 and not the actual $97 it is being originally sold for. For this price, you will download full PDF files of the 4 files. And an excel graph and tabular file are included. The PDF file is standard when downloading ebooks, they are easy to use and just require a download of a PDF reader, which is free online if you still don’t have one. In modern computers, they all have PDF readers installed. You can try and grab a copy of this ebook, which will surely change your lifestyle now.

When you are in the member’s area and already are a paid member, you get to download instantly the 4 manuals that composed the 3 week diet plan. The manuals are the Introduction, The Diet Plan, The Workout and the last manual is a combination of Mindset and Motivation Manual. Each of the manuals is complete with their own set, for example the diet manual works with all the diet information that you need for the whole 3 week plan, it speaks about and support the introduction manual which opens up the entire concept of the author about dieting and exercise. The last manual is the mindset and motivation manual. This is unique on its own, as no other programs out there, is this concern in getting you fit and healthy. The author is caring for you and your well being because he don’t want you relapsing and falling back to weight gain. Many times, it happened in other programs and plans that lead into demotivation of the user and lose of interest after getting the body, they initially wanted, only to spiral back again to their unhealthy lifestyle and end up with another program again. The 3 week diet plan aims to educate you well on the ongoing maintenance and the right diet to have for life.

Lastly, the program has its very own Money Back Guarantee Policy. This means that if you don’t feel if the program really did great for you and is not what you expected and hoped for, it can be, with regards to losing weight fast, then the author is offering this return of money to you. Simply reach out to them through the member’s area or through their hotline. No questions asked, you are going to get your money 100%, but within the 60 days from the date of order only. So this is really a no risk big gain investment, so grab your copy now.

You can get the diet plan at http://www.3weekdiet.com/

6 Easy Exercises for Knee Pain Relief

6 Easy Exercises for Knee Pain Relief

These exercises will help you with getting healthier, stronger and more flexible knees. Plus our top tips for avoiding knee injuries.

1. Stair Step-Ups

Start by placing your right foot on the first stairway step and use your hand to create balance. Step the left foot up such that you are standing on the first step with one foot as the other foot is off the floor. Hold the position for a few seconds then change your feet such that the left foot is on the step and the right foot is off the ground. Repeat this for a number of times.

2. Leg Flexes

Sit on the floor with your legs stretched to the front and together. Your hands should be on the floor behind you to provide support. Slowly slide your heel on the floor as you bend your knee gently. Move your heel towards your butt to a point of feeling some stretch in your thigh muscles. Hold the position for a few seconds and then slide it back to the initial position slowly. Repeat this movement for about ten times and do the same for the other leg.


Give your knees additional support during any form of exercise or sports activity with a pair of knee sleeves. Neoprene knee sleeves have been around for the past three years and they are designed to do two things.

1. Keeps you knees warm  – this enables better blood flow preventing injury.
2.  Compression for rehabilitation and a faster recovery.

There are a number of brands that make good quality knee sleeves, I use KASP because they are sold as a pair, they have a 1 year warranty and they are half the price! check them out on amazon click here.

3. Up And Downs

For this exercise, you need a firm chair. Sit on the chair with your feet flat on the floor and your arms loose at your side or just crossed as long as you feel balanced. Stand up slowly using controlled movement until you are at full height. Hold the position for a short period then sit down slowly. Make sure that the knees are not moving forward past your toes.

4. Hip Extensions

You will require an exercise mat or a cushy carpet for this exercise. Lie on your belly and support your chin using your hands. Your face should be facing the floor and your back and feet should be straight. Lift your legs about 3 or 4 inches off the ground slowly. Hold this position for a few seconds, lower your feet and repeat this movement for a number of times. The idea is to have smooth movements which are controlled. Controlled movements are as effective as medicine for people with arthritis.


It’s important to buy the correct shoes for any form of exercise. If you are unsure of the shoes you require for your own workout or sporting activity simply go to youtube.com and search “your sport/training” + shoe review.

Below is an example of a shoe review for the popular activity CrossFit

5. Knee Rolls

You need a cushy carpet, exercise mat or a soft surface. Lie on your back and bend your knees such that your feet will be flat on the ground. Your face should be facing the celling and your arms should be at your sides. Lower your feet slowly to the side while keeping your knees together until you feel some stretch in your lower back and in your thigh muscles. Hold this position for about 5 seconds and lift back your knees to the initial position. Repeat the same process to the other side and return the knees to the center position. You can repeat these movements for about 10 times with rests as required.

6. Leg Lifts

You need to lie on one side on an exercise mat or a cushy carpet. Use one of your hands to support your head and the other hand to provide balance. Make sure your legs are straight. Lift the leg that is at the top as high as you can. Hold the highest comfortable position for a few seconds and then lower the leg slowly. Repeat the movement about 10 times, change sides and do 10 more with the other leg.

Effective Tips for Losing Weight After Pregnancy

Mom With Baby

Congratulations on your new infant! Mommydom is rather potentially the single most fulfilling event in every woman’s life. This might be tough to understand at initially due to the fact that of the changes occurring in your life, newborn’s sleep schedules, hormones, and losing that infant weight do posture a challenge. It is really rather easy to obtain that pregnancy weight off if you work at it. The concepts in this article are little bit more than common sense. We will talk about some easy good sense concepts for getting rid of that pregnancy weight right after your bundle of joy arrives.

No other weight-loss article will suggest the same 1800 calories that this one does. The reason we advise a high calorie diet plan to new mothers is because of the quantity of energy you will need. Tiring is most likely the understatement of the year when used to describe ending up being a brand-new parent. Your body will work overtime to make sure you are getting the required vitamins and minerals from your calorie consumption which can be complicated if you are nursing and not getting sufficient calories in a day. If you let your food consumption go listed below eighteen hundred calories you could endanger your health and (if you are breastfeeding) the health of your infant. Do you understand it’s a proven fact that you can consume a high calorie diet and still slim down?

Did your weight boost considerably during pregnancy? This is not normally a question a brand-new mom wishes to be asked. You can be sure that what you weighed in the past will have some bearing on what you will weigh after. As long as you did not get more weight than what the doc advised during pregnancy you ought to find losing that weight fairly simple. If you were a bit overweight prior to your pregnancy you will most likely discover it a bit more difficult to lose those pregnancy pounds. You will have to work harder to lose the weight that you have actually placed on. Speak to your physician about the very best method for you to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight if weight gain has constantly been a problem for you.

One proven way, which is helping new mothers losing their extra weight after pregnancy are massages. They are called slimming massages and are specially designed for women who have given birth and want to lose their extra weight after pregnancy. They are also called “postnatal” or “postpartum” massage and this is an accepted practice endorsed by gynecologists and doctors in hospitals. You can learn more about it at http://blog.myfatpocket.com/judging-me/my-post-natal-slimming-treatment. It’s a great way to lose your weight after pregnancy and will definitely help you losing those extra pounds.

Prevent dieting! That might look like a weird recommendation. Depriving yourself of necessary foods, however, is something to prevent when looking after a new child. It might even avoid you from reducing weight if you restrict foods in your diet plan that your body needs today. Plus, you have enough to deal with as a brand-new Mother without you having to worry about calorie consumption or reading food labels.

The last thing you ought to be fretting about is restricting your foods or cutting out foods you normally delight in. Simply consume what your body informs you to!

Slimming down after pregnancy is a little bit complicated. Normal weight loss is quite straightforward. You watch what you consume and stay with your exercise program. What your body requires after pregnancy, nevertheless, is not the same as exactly what it needed previously. You need to work with your body as it is now. You now have an entire new factor to consider when it pertains to your health, which is naturally your baby. If you have any doubts about the best strategy, it’s constantly best to consult your doctor.

True Benefits Of Using Wrist Support Gloves For Yoga

If you are really into yoga, you are likely going to want to consider getting the right equipment for your sessions. One of the most important pieces of equipment that you can invest in are wrist support gloves for yoga. In this article, we will be going over some of the main reasons and benefits that you have for getting and using them.

Woman Practizing Yoga

Benefits Of Using Wrist Support Gloves:

1. Better Support.

The main benefit that you are going to get from using these kinds of gloves, which by the way you can find on amazon, is better overall wrist support. By using these gloves, you are going to be able to really support your wrist so that it is not incredibly sore afterwards. A lot of people that do not use the right support gloves end up with really sore wrists after intense yoga sessions. This means that they end up with wrists that do not allow them to perform their best.

2. Easier Recovery.

Another benefit that you are going to get from using wrist support gloves is easier recovery times. You are going to be able to recover faster and easier than ever because your wrists will not longer suffer the burden of having to support themselves when you are completing poses.

3. Better Performance.

By using wrist support straps, you are going to get a lot better performance out of yourself than you would without them. The fact is, these support straps are going to give you the support and strength that you need in order to hold poses for longer periods of time, to complete poses that you might not have been able to before, and it will help keep your wrist and body in better positions for optimal growth.

4. Keep Your Wrist Healthy and Safe.

Another huge benefit that you are going to get when you utilize these wrist support gloves is the ability to keep your wrists healthy and safe. This is one of the most important things that you can do when you are working out because it is going to help keep you in the best possible condition to continue with your workouts in the future. If you injure your wrist, you will end up back at square one. This is going to end up hurting your chances of achieving your fitness goals.

As you can see, there are plenty of different benefits and reasons to invest in a pair of wrist support gloves. When you make your decision to purchase some, you are going to want to make sure that you purchase a good pair of gloves. The best way to ensure that you do is by looking at all of the different review websites out there and seeing which gloves are getting the most rave reviews. By doing this, you should be able to find one of the best pair of gloves on the market to invest in and you will likely be satisfied with your purchase as a result.

Can I Burn More Calories With Hiking? Learn The Whole Truth Here

Do you want to learn how hiking can help you burn more calories? Or are you searching for the best exercise that will help you in losing weight? If you have one of these questions, then know that hiking is a good form of exercise that is known to burn calories and helps in reducing weight. Learn more by reading this article.

Hiking for Weight Loss

Firstly, you have to know that hiking allows you to hit your body from different angles and it engages muscle groups, such as deep core muscles and outer thighs, which you might miss when you are at the gym. The trails offer different challenges and these include ditches to avoids, logs to climb over and many other challenges that is good for your body.

Furthermore, you should know that hiking is more difficult than walking on a flat surface. The terrain is usually rough and this will make your legs to work even much harder hence burning the calories in your body. For example, when you walk up a hill that is inclined at 10%, then you will burn 52% more calories than when you were walking on a flat surface. And you will burn 70% more calories when you walk up a hill that is inclined at 20%.

According to a Wisconsin study, it was proven that hiking burns 518 calories every hour if your weight is 190 pounds, 422 calories every hour if your weight is 155 pounds and 354 calories every hour if your weight is 130 pounds.

There are also people who can burn 500 calories per hour when they are hiking, but they must walk very fast in order to burn these calories. When you walk at a rate of 4.5 miles per hour, then you will be able to burn 500 calories. And you are only going to burn 250 calories if you are walking at 2.5 miles per hour. Just know that you will burn calories when are you are hiking and the rate at which you are walking should not be a problem.

Another good thing about hiking is that you will be forced to walk hence it is good for exercising and for losing weight. Because if you decide to spend one hour hiking away from your vehicle, then you won’t have any other choice but to walk for another hour to your vehicle. This is only effective if you decide to hike to several miles, because there are so many who people quit before they even finish a mile.

The Importance of the Right Equipment

One important thing you need to know before you go on hiking is about the equipment. Since hiking is more like a workout, the chances are very high that you’re going to sweat. So you’ll need to have the right clothes when you go for hiking, plus you might need to take some extra clothes with you, so that you can change them when the ones you wear get wet from sweating. Special bags such as large dry bags are a great accessory which you can easily carry with you, are light and make sure your extra clothes remain dry until you need them.

Then you should also consider of using hiking boots. They give some extra safety for hiking and if you have quality ones, then they will also be water proofed.

Proven Benefits of Hiking

Hiking helps to release adrenaline that is built up in the body and this helps in reducing anxiety and stress. After you have had a long week, then you might want to hike because it will re-energize you and you will feel more relaxed.

The risk of hypertension, heart disease and diabetes is reduced when you do any form of exercise. And hiking is the best exercise that you can do.

The density of your bones will be increased when you walk and this reverses the effects of osteoporosis.

People who go for hiking also sleep well at night.

You have now known how hiking can help you burn more calories. If you have been thinking about hiking, then you might want to start going for hikes. It is the best form of exercise and you will never have to invest in any equipment.

Tips For Creating An Effective Fitness Routine

While there are lots of people who reveal a commitment to improved fitness, not many of them have a physical fitness program that is the best one to follow. If you do not have an excellent strategy for fitness, you man discover that you are unable to attain the goals you have actually set for yourself.

Personalized Fitness Routine

Take Notes of Your Body

A lot of effective exercise programs have to be customized to the user, and this is something a lot of people overlook. If you are focused just on taking on another, you are likely to miss essential signals from your body.

Instead, you must follow your body’s lead when it concerns discovering workouts that you can do. Let’s take the following example. If your joints hurt then the joint press workout is really not an alternative, however you still have the opportunity of doing the dumbbell chest press workout instead. If you are aware of this scenario, there is no need to risk more pain in your joints doing another person’s customized exercise plan. Naturally, you would use your head and make wise substitutions to prevent injury and get optimum results.

Concentrate on Being Intense

An understanding of your supreme goals is vital when you’re crafting your very own fitness routine. It can be something as basic as losing a few pounds or developing a particular amount of muscle mass. Strength has to be a major focus when you are working towards your goals. All reliable exercise routines share this common aspect. When you get ready to exercise, make certain to put all of your effort into your exercises.

Performing 20 reps making use of a light weight does less for you then doing 6 to 8 reps with heavier weight using great form. Better results equivalent happier you.

Timing is Crucial

One issue that lots of people have is improperly timing their exercises. Exactly what is meant by this? For example, there are individuals who may begin exercising twice daily for no evident reason. There’s actually no legitimate function for doing this, and it will make you extremely tired! You need to not listen to exactly what the experts have to say due to the fact that they might not know what is best for your individual case. Typical individuals aren’t able to put their bodies through that, so these kinds of workouts aren’t an excellent goal.

Objective to do as much as you can in the least possible time.

You’ll be headed down the best course and on the road to fitness if you follow these ideas. Working out is important, having the right exercise routine and following it to a tee will certainly be more productive. Individuals neglect this crucial element in exercising, then feel a sense of remorse, when the results do not can be found in. Following the advice and ideas given in this short article will assist you to achieve optimal results each time you exercise. When you put in the time to lay down an efficient long-lasting strategy, you’ll discover it a lot easier to reach your objectives.

If you’re ready to get started, then I have a nice video for your below. Watch it and try to start with the workouts shown there.

All About The Goji Berry

gojiThe use of Goji Berries has been widespread in Chinese medicine since the primeval times. The source of these berries is the Himalayan mountains of Tibet and they are considered so esteemed by the Chinese people that there is a two week festival celebrating this nutrient rich berries. The use of goji berry cápsulas in Brazil is a recent practice and the beneficial properties of Goji berries are just dawning on us.

The Goji Berry is well known for the high levels of minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids and amino acids. All of these nutrients provide many health advantages to you.

The Goji Berry is a scarlet berry resembling the appearance of dried raisins. The flavor is not too strong, rather it is a mildly sweet flavor more like in between the taste of cranberry and raisin. When you eat the berry, it gives a chewy texture and consistency in your mouth. Due to the extreme delicacy of the berries in structure they are not picked. Instead, the plants are shaken softly so that they fall on to a mat. This is done to avoid spoilage of the fruit. They process of drying them is also done carefully. They are dried in the shade on a slow pace.

In the Western world as well as the Eastern world, these unassuming berries have become increasingly popular as one of the healthiest food. A major contributing reason to their popularity is their reputation as an anti-aging remedy. Goji Berries are known to be among the foods that have the highest concentration of vitamin A, vitamin C and antioxidants.

The easiest and one of the best ways to enjoy the many benefits Goji Berry has to offer to health is to use a high quality Goji juice product. The recommended therapeutic amount is one to four ounces a day. The berries are relatively new to the region of Europe and the scientists in the United States are researching and determining the amazing and beneficial properties of these miniature fruits. Goji berry product are very popular and widely used in Brasil. You can learn more about Goji berry product from Brazil here: tudo sobre goji berry

There have been many scientific researchers and studies conducted on the health benefits associated with Goji Berry and there are many more studies current being conducted at the present. We can expect to gain more insight about these great little fruit from the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet in the future as scientists work to discover more of the amazing and powerful nutritional value and healthy properties.

About The Old School New Body Training System

The Old School New Body F4x is the brand-new diet regimen training program developed for those in the age of 40 or older. The complete training system is quite distinct but very effective for those people that want to look 10 years more youthful compared to their real age.

Old School New Body eBookThe training program includes some intermediate goals, which are quickly possible by the customers. They are meant for weight loss, strength training over 40 and also physical body toning. Just like all widely known as well as efficient diet regimens, you could simply accomplish certain success if you are within this age array and also health and fitness degree, however it relies on the stage of your wellness. You can be sure, all the info in the electronic book is checked and is secure; thus you could be carefree concerning the training program.

The utmost objective of the Old School New Body diet and training program is that can help its customers obtain optimum weight and also losing fat in the quest of healthy and toned physical body. Just keep in mind that since the training system has been developed for older folks, every little thing is designed correctly and also any person younger might benefit from the program as well as from the regimens plus the methods made use of. Individuals in the age array of 40 years and also over have particular limitations and constraints in weight loss and exercise. Thus, the system can be extremely effective for them if followed and done correctly.

It is necessary that you dedicate to the strength training program to achieve preferable results. You must plan at the very least 90 mins of workout each week to get in form. And also when these workouts are integrated with appropriate diet, like described within the training course, then the system will offer you with impressive results, merely within a few weeks. Based on the creator of the course, the key to success with this program lies within the F4X technique which he has developed and is proud of.

The F4X youth-enhancing bodyshaping method does include 3 different phases, yet the second and third phases are optional and for those who want to achieve higher goals than just losing weight and toning the body. The 3 stages are F4X Lean, F4X Tone and F4X Build. Basically, the way this special formula functions is that the very first stage F4X Lean does focus on basic workouts as well as nutrition, which is the basic of the whole program. You could lose 10 pounds or even more in less than 3 weeks, also when you just stick merely to this training system and omitting the next 2. In case, you check out all the stages, you will obtain an optimum fat burning of up to 30 extra pounds. The 2nd stage is F4X Toning, which focuses on conditioning your physical body after the weight loss has currently begun. The third phase is called the F4X Build, which focuses on more advanced workouts as well as obtaining more muscle mass.

In overall, this training system is a complete and good program to getting started with your weight loss journey as well as building and toning your muscles.


The Renegade Diet – What Is This Diet All About?

The renegade Diet eBook

The Renegade diet is one of the few diet plans that is considered to be logically proven as effective as well as safe. If you have tried several different diet plans, protein shakes, supplements, pills, etc. and did not see any significant results, it is because most of them are scams.

Consider the Renegade diet, it is a plan designed by Jason Ferruggia. It is the same dieting plan which has been used by Livestrong’s editorial director, Adam Bornstein, as well as by Chase Karnes, a Strongman Competitor (National Level).

It is very different from the other diet plans because it is not one of those fashion diets that requires you to count the calories or remain on a low carb diet. This diet plan is basically against the low carb diet. It says that you need the carbohydrates to stay alive as well as energetic. This is the basic principle of Jason’s Renegade diet plan.

It permits you to have all your favorite foods including pizza, chocolates, beer, etc. You do not have to limit your choices. It is all about the timing, if you are aware of the proper timing, then you are good to go. Check out corestrengthfit.com if you’re short on time and want to learn more about this incredible diet.

How Does This Diet Plan Work?

Now comes the question, how does it work? It basically focuses on skipping the breakfast and focusing on consuming more fats and proteins before you start working out. Then you can take carbs for dinner to boost up your metabolism and the capabilities to burning fat while you sleep.

It is split into three different phases:

The first phase is known as the fasting phase. This first phase is about sixteen hours long, which involves skipping the breakfast.

Phase two is considered as the under eating phase. This phase is done prior to work out and lasts for about four to six hours. It is a rather restrictive phase, which needs you to limit yourself to fats, vegetables, and proteins. Carbs can be taken, but only a slight amount coming from fruits (berries for example).

The third phase is the phase of overeating. This is about four hour long as well. It is the “Traitor” within the Renegade Diet”. In these hours you can eat whatever you like and want. It allows you to take carbohydrates and there’s no limit for that. You can eat as much as you like or can.

The Renegade Diet can be the most effective diet plan if done correctly as it is scientifically proven as well.


4 Jason Ferrugia Workout Tips: http://corestrengthfit.com/4-jason-ferruggia-workout-tips-build-big-muscles

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